February Wrap-Up: Started a Trial of Kindle Unlimited and Now I’m Reading All the Smutty Romances, whoops

monthly wrap up

Dang it, I really meant to have this up at the beginning of March–where did the time go? I mean, I know where the time went…but I guess bonus points for me that it’s still March when I’m posting this?? (even tho it’s only barely still March)

So yeah, even tho this is super late, I am happy to say that I read a lot more in February than I did in January (7 books compared to January’s 2!). We’re half of them super smutty romances I got off Kindle Unlimited?? YEP, but smut books are still books, and thank goodness for them, because otherwise I’d be struggling with my GR goal (yes, I’ve been binge-reading them that much).


book cover

1. What I Want You to See by Catherine Linka

Rating: 3.5 stars

I participated in the FFBC blog tour for this book in the beginning of February! It was an interesting read and definitely not like one I’ve read before. You can see my full review here.

two books on a light blue background surrounded by fake white flowers on a vine
Guys, I’m so proud of this image. Like, I actually took a bookish pic that I think looks pretty??

2. Blankets by Craig Thompson

Rating: 4.25 stars

We covered this graphic memoir in my Senior Seminar class! It was very intense, emotional, and captivating. And also SUPER LONG for a graphic novel (582 pages!). There are a lot of potential triggers in this memoir tho, so make sure to read with caution if you pick it up!

3. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Rating: 4 stars

If you haven’t noticed yet, my lit class is working our way through JRR Tolkien’s works. The Hobbit was such a fun adventure and I’m so glad I’ve finally picked up this fantasy classic!

little women cover

4. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Rating: 4 stars

I actually picked up a classic?! Who am I? Well, actually my book club voted to read this book, so I didn’t really have a choice. 😅 Though it definitely dragged it some places and was heavily ladled with morals, I was surprised to find myself growing to adore the March sisters and Laurie (especially Jo). The writing was easy to listen to (yes, I also actually listened to an audiobook!) and it was great to see the characters grow up. Shortly after finishing, my friends and I went out and saw the newest movie adaptation and omg, it was INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it–it’s a definitely must see if you’ve read the book.

5. Being Hers by Anna Stone

Rating: 3 stars

6. Her Surrender by Anna Stone

Rating: 2.75 stars

7. Hers to Keep by Anna Stone

Rating: 3.25 stars

Immediately upon starting my Kindle Unlimited Trial, I found myself binge-reading Anna Stone’s BDSM f/f erotic romance series, Irresistibly Bound. I literally binge-read all four of these books within a week (I technically finished the last book in March, so you’ll see it in my next wrap-up!). I won’t deny that these books are very simplistic and formulaic, but the consistency was definitely a comfort and a nice palette cleanser. And I love how Stone’s characters’ relationships always stress the importance of communication. Hmm, I’m not sure that I could pick a favorite out of these. I love Being Hers because it particularly showcased communication and its importance. I enjoyed Her Surrender because one of the women was a sassy librarian and it had less BDSM elements. And I adored Hers to Keep for the relationship and the setting. Lol so basically I loved them all for different reasons.
I definitely plan to read all of Stone’s books now and continue to follow her career, so prepare to see more of her books in my future wrap-ups!


  • The Woman in the Window– This month’s read for the book club I read
  • The Downstairs Girl– The next read for a YA book club I wanna participate in!
  • House of Earth and Blood– Come my spring break later this month, I am ready to devour this book
  • The Girl in Red– One of my GR groups is reading this is month and I actually own a copy so fingers crossed I can also squeeze it in, tho it’s relatively low priority

Well, these were my TBR plans at the beginning of the month, but due to the pandemic/my college shifting to online classes/my book clubs no longer able to meet, there’s not really any motivation to read these books. And I just finished House of Earth and Blood, lol. So for the rest of the month I will probably just focus on mood reading and finishing my current reads. (lol I say this as if there aren’t only 5 days left)


Honestly, February feels like ages ago and kinda irrelevant, so this will be a short list

  • Mid-Winter Break– Basically this was just a long weekend at the beginning of February where I got to go home! I got to see my fam and animals which was great but I also spent most of my time doing homework & studying for a midterm so it was not as relaxing as I had hoped
  • I was accepted to NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute! And one of my friends did to!
    • From today’s standpoint with the corona virus pandemic, I don’t know if the program will actually be able to run this summer. But if it doesn’t, I will likely defer to next summer.
  • Finally posted my 2019 Wrap-up! You can check it out here if ya want.
  • Had our first (and technically last) book club meeting of the semester. We read Little Women, which I mentioned above. There were only 3 of us there, but it was a fun discussion!
  • Finished a season of intramural inner tube water polo. Yes, you read that right. Water polo, in inner tubes! It was a fun and crazy season and even though we didn’t win the final game, we def won in my heart *not bitter at all here*.

How was your February? How are you all holding up? Have you read any of the books I mentioned?

Would love to talk with any of you, so please comment or feel free to friend & message me on Goodreads!

4 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up: Started a Trial of Kindle Unlimited and Now I’m Reading All the Smutty Romances, whoops”

  1. im so over march, it can go away now. you read SO MUCH this month!! look at you gooo!! ‘blankets’ sounds like a super interesting, deep read and i can’t wait to read it soon (i’ve been having it on my tbr forever but i just never get around to it oops)

    ahh little women!! i’m so glad to see you enjoyed it, the march sisters were a delight to read about and yes i loved listening to the audiobook too. the movie was THE BEST THING EVER and i feel like i need to rewatch it for the rest of my life thanks

    so glad to hear you had a great month and i hope you’re doing well and keeping safe ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, March is a month I feel like everyone’s gonna wanna forget. I honestly spent like the last 1-2 weeks of March feeling like it was already April.
      Thanks! I’m so glad February wasn’t a repeat of January in terms of reading 🙂
      And yes, read Blankets! There’s def a lot of heavier subjects touched upon but being a graphic novel it’s such a quick read and super fascinating!

      AHHHH YESSS, the movie is def one to rewatch. Hmm, perhaps I should propose a movie night of it with my housemates some time this semester….

      Thank you! I hope you’re also doing well & staying safe ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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