January-April 2019 Book Haul

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I don’t usually acquire books often enough to constitute a book haul, but I was extremely fortunate to have a internship this past spring semester where I was able to get access to a lot of free books and ARCs, so I thought I would dedicate a post to them!

This internship led me to send 26 pounds of books back to myself at the end of the semester. Within 4 months, I accumulated 26 physical books, only 3 of which I paid for myself, and 11 ebooks, for a total of 37 books. Literally, how did I do this??

Note: If I have a review for a book, the link will send you to that post, otherwise all links will redirect you to Goodreads.

ALSO, please don’t judge my sketchy book pictures. There’s a reason I don’t have a bookstagram. 😅


the wicked king and bloodleaf books

The Wicked King was of course a preorder and a book I’ve already read (and adored!). Bloodleaf is an ARC that Susan @ Bloggin’ ’bout Books was kind enough to send me since she got sent an extra one.


four books in a stack with a toy bear on top

I’ve already read all of these books except King of Scars (I need to get on this soon…). Receiving Smoke & Summons was an ecstatic moment for me because it was the first time I got sent a physical ARC for a review/blog tour. Grace After Henry was an interesting contemporary and great palette cleanser between all the fantasy I’ve been reading. The Language of Thorns WAS FRICKING AMAZING and probably the best book I’ve read all year.


books Tracks and Holy Sister

These two were kind of weird grabs for me. I didn’t know anything about Tracks, but I’ve read Erdrich’s Love Medicine and I know a lot of her books focus on the same two families so I thought I’d give it a try. And I haven’t read any books by Mark Lawrence but I’ve been meaning to read Red Sister for awhile now and this cover was just so pretty…. I thought having the third book might be a good motivator to pick up the first.

Update: I just ordered Red Sister! 😂


18 books in front of a fireplace

Yeah, I went a bit overboard in April. I realized I was in the final month of my internship and I was like I NEED ALL THE BOOKS and started visiting the “take shelves” very frequently. Thank goodness the company I interned with was kind enough to mail back all these books for me, because I had no room for them in my suitcases.


I don’t ever purchase ebooks (my one exception being The Cruel Prince novella, The Lost Sisters, back in October!) so all of these ebooks are Netgalley ARCs, Amazon First Reads, or other free ebooks from Amazon.

Wow, this haul had a lot more books in it than I first realized. Again, I am extremely grateful that my internship gave me access to so many AMAZING fantasy and science fiction titles. Lol, if I could read all of these titles RIGHT NOW, I so would. 😊

What’s you favorite book that you’ve acquired this year?
Any suggestions on which of these books I should pick up first?

If you’ve done a recent book haul post, feel free to drop the link in the comments–I would love to read it!

December Book Haul: Lots of Fantasy with a Surprising Amount of Adult Fiction!

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Normally, on a month-to-month basis, I don’t acquire a lot of books–if any–but December/Christmas is the time when I accumulate most of the books I own. Between Christmas, a book exchange between my book club, and using some old gift cards to treat myself to a few mass market paperbacks, I hauled 18 books this month! The majority are fantasy novels (so surprising, right?), but I didn’t realize how little YA I acquired and how many “adult” books I got until I lined them all up to take a picture! Perhaps I’m “maturing”? (baha, unlikely; YA Forever!)

Also, I just unhauled ~12 YA books and a couple dozen children’s books yesterday so hopefully I’ll be able to find the shelf space for these books (and omg, it feels so nice to have donated and rid myself of so many books). I have 2 full bookcases, 1 short bookcase, and an additional shelf which I use for books. Once I reorganize my remaining childhood books, I’ll should be able to have all my books neatly tucked away. But let’s be real; I’m horrible at cleaning–as in you can barely see the floor in my room–so it’s unlikely that I get to this before returning to school. 😅

eightteen books stacked in front of a glowing christmas tree

From my Book Club’s Exchange:

There was so much hype around this book last year/earlier this year and I’m so excited to own a copy! My book club does a white-elephant-style book exchange every semester and I was super excited to snatch this book up at it! My friend, who contributed the book, said she loved it, so I’m very curious to see exactly what this book entails.

Books I Bought for Myself:

Using some Barnes & Noble and Amazon gift cards, I treated myself to these 3 books after finishing some particularly stressful finals and moving back home. I’ve actually already read one of these books, Heroine Complex, and really enjoyed it! It’s a fun, relatively quick read that parodies the expectations and work of superheroes.

**Post Edit**

I completely forgot to include a book, making my total haul 19 books! I picked this book up in a used bookshop in at a library. When the Emperor was Divine is an amazing book. Julie Otsuka is the queen of show and not tell, and additionally, her use of perspective is extremely powerful. I’ve read this book twice now and I can only dream of writing like her.

the book When the Emperor was Divine lying against a red background

Christmas Gifts:

I am extremely fortunate and blessed to have parents and grandparents that are willing to buy me lots of books for Christmas. My book collection and my passion for reading would be nothing without them, particularly my mom. If it wasn’t for her tirelessly searching for books that piqued my interest and reading with me during my elementary school years, I wouldn’t be the reader I am today (or probably a reader at all).
Wow, I just got really sentimental there, sorry guys. 😅 Essentially all that I meant to say is that I’m really grateful for these books and that I’m equally excited to dive into all of them (ahhh, why I can’t I just take an entire suitcase full of books with me back to school??)

That’s it for my December book haul! 😄

What books have you acquired recently?
Any suggestions on which of these books I should pick up first?
What’s your favorite book that you own?



September Book Haul: I love buying used books!

book haul banner

I’m posting a book haul??? I know; I’m shocked too. Usually I never acquire enough books in a month to write a post about them (outside of school books, I’ve only been buying about one book every month or so this past year).

But this month I actually spent money on books! (I have no regrets) Not only did I place an order on Thriftbooks, but I also went shopping with some friends and pick up a book at both the local book store and the second hand shop at the library! I also won a free book! *dances around excitedly*


  • Station Eleven- Emily St. John Mandel is visiting my campus in November and omg I’m so excited because my class gets to have lunch with her! This of course means I need to have this book read by then!
  • Truthwitch- I’ve actually already read this book but I want to reread it so I can continue on with the series. Not to mention, the library book shop was selling it for 50 cents, so how could I not buy it?
  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before- My book club’s first read this fall! We actually just had our meeting on Monday, so I’ve already read this book! (twice now actually because I read it for the first time in July)
  • World After- Bought this on Thriftbooks because my cart was only at $9 and I needed to spend at least $10 to get free shipping. I also already owned the first book so I bought the 2nd & 3rd book to complete the series.
  • End of Days- Same goes with this book. 😆 Loved this series and I totally need to reread it!
  • All the Light We Cannot See- Reading this for my book club in November! And because I’m co-President, I used this as an excuse to purchase all the books we read. 😀



I WON PHYSICAL ARC OF THE GILDED WOLVES THROUGH A GOODREADS GIVEAWAY!! Technically, I don’t have it on me right now because my copy was sent to my house and I’m currently away at college but I have fall break coming up next week so this book will be in my hands soon! 🙂

Did you purchase any books this month? Have you ever won a Goodreads giveaway? Have any book-buying sprees planned for the future?

Library Book Haul: May 2018

woman holding a large pile of library books

(My arms hurt now, lol)

Even though it’s technically still spring, I am out of school for the SUMMER. And of course my first action to prepare for the summer was to request loads of books at my local library (and as you can see above I got quite an armful!).

Oh man there are so many books I want to get to this summer and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Also, weirdly I picked up a wide variety of books the library? Which is surprising because I basically read YA fantasy 24/7. Like I picked up SO MANY different genres that you wouldn’t expect me to.

Here be the books I got:



I rarely read Middle Grade books but I saw this in a bookstore one day and instantly knew I had to read it. I love the idea of Good vs. Evil and defying expectations, and I can’t wait to see what this story holds!



I read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda in March and I’ve been eager to read another Becky Albertalli book since! I wish I was also able to get Leah on the Offbeat from my library, but they don’t have it yet and our inter-library loan is down currently (which I’m quite bitter about and anxiously waiting for to return).


  • Tithe- I read The Cruel Prince in March and fell in love, so while I wait for The Wicked King to release in January *wails*, I thought I’d pick up one of Holly Black’s other faerie books!
  • My Lady Jane- So I know that My Lady Jane is romance/historical fiction/fantasy, but it’s going under this category because I’m too lazy to make a separate section. 😀
  • Daughter of the Burning City- This book had a lot of hype last year so I’m curious to see if it holds (also my library didn’t have Ace of Shades 😦 )


parable of the talents cover

I read Parable of the Sower in April for class and I’ve been eager to read it’s sequel since.


  • Wild Seed- Can you tell I’m on an Octavia Butler kick?
  • The Tethered Mage- Honestly picked this one up for the cover. So prettyyyyyy.
  • Nevernight- I recently saw Georgina @ Daydreaming Roux raving about this and immediately bumped it up on my TBR and requested it from my library.
  • American Gods- Neil Gaiman is my roommate’s favorite author and I’ve never read any of his books so I’m hoping this is a good book to start with (yikes it’s long tho).



I’m not usually one for historical fiction books, but if I find one about a badass woman, I’m usually sold, which was the exact case with Rebel Queen.


  • Roomies- I’ve actually already read this book! It was a solid and enjoyable romance, though I wish the protagonist had been stronger in terms of her goals. Would recommend for those into chick lit/romances!
  • Monsters: A Love Story- The title of these novel really intrigues me and the protagonist is a writer, so I definitely want to try this book.



Another type of book I don’t usually pick up, but I kept seeing this book pop up on my Goodreads feed. Actually, I’m currently reading it now! Initially, I was quite taken aback by how dark and gruesome it is, but I’m still quite intrigued (and I’ve already requested the second volume at my library).

And those are the 14 (yikes! whelp, better get reading…) books I picked up from my local library to start off my summer!

What books have you guys acquired recently? Any suggestions on what book (from this list) I should pick up next?