Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Most Excited to Read from My Personal Library

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I won’t deny it: I’m your stereotypical book blogger who owns a lot of books and still needs to read A CRAP TON OF THEM. This week’s TTT topic “Books I’ve Read That I’d Like In My Personal Library” and while I could easily find 10 books I’ve read and would love to own (looking at you, Circe and the new editions of the Girl of Fire and Thorns series), I really read to motivate myself to read the books I already own! So I’ve decided to twist this TTT topic to “Books I’m Most Excited to Read from My Personal Library” in order to hype myself up to read the books I already own!

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

1. The Storm Crow by Kalyn Joesphson


I technically started reading this book the other day, but I’m been DYING to read this book since I first heard of its existence like a year ago and it’s without a doubt the TOP BOOK I’m most excited to read. This book is one of my most anticipated releases for 2019, and I can’t believe it’s finally in my hands and that I’m reading it!

2. Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire


I have yet to read a Seanan McGuire book and I’m a total sucker for any book about faeries. Not to mention, I had a mentor once describe the October Daye series like super addicting episodes of a TV show–super quick & easy reads! I’m always down for a fun fantasy book.

3. The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson


After I saw Melanie @ Meltotheany rave about this book, I knew I had to read it. I received a copy of the book for Christmas, but I still haven’t read it?? Why do I do this?

4. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

25489134. sx318

I KEEP SAYING I’M GOING TO READ THIS BOOK IN THE WINTER BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS! I’ve heard so many good things about it and it’s so pretty…this is definitely going to be the year that I read it, definitely. (please hold me accountable on this, guys)

5. King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

36307634. sy475

I was already excited to read this book, but after going to my college’s activities fair yesterday and running into multiple people who had already read and loved this book, I’m now wishing I could drop everything and pick up this book!
Not to mention, I’m determined to make this the year of reading Leigh Bardugo books; I’ve already read 3 of her books this year and this is only one I have left before Ninth House releases!

6. Green Rider by Kristen Britain


I looked at this book in B&N many years ago, stupidly didn’t buy it, kept thinking about it until I bought it a year ago, and as you know because it’s on this list, STILL HAVEN’T READ IT! I’ve heard such good things about this series and I really wanna join the Green Rider fandom, aaaahh

7. Reign the Earth by A.C. Gaughen


I love the cover & the title, and I’m a total sucker for elemental magic, yet I can offer no explanation for why I haven’t already read this book.

8. Renegades by Marissa Meyer


Have I mentioned I’m complete trash for superheroes & villains, powers, and secret identities? Like, I’ve watched soooo many super TV shows, so I really need to amend this issue and pick up this book immediately (especially since the final book releases this fall and I don’t want to miss this bandwagon!)

9. Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson


I was actually hoping to read this book this month along with one of my GR book clubs, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen at this point, but I’m still stoked to pick it up in the near future (hopefully?)! I mean, magical libraries, how can one resist?

10. Shimmer and Burn by Mary Taranta

32333246. sy475

I don’t know how I heard of this book, but I ordered it from B&N during a sale. A book involving a villainous princess, and a protagonist illegally carrying magic in her blood and willing to do anything to save her sister?!? I’m so here for it.


Lol, these books all ended up being fantasy. 😂 I’m really not surprised…but hey, at least they’re a bunch of different types of fantasy, right?

Have you read any of these books? Which ones should I pick up next? What books from your personal library are you most excited to read?

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WWW Wednesday: May 22nd, 2019

WWW Wednesday

Time for my monthly participation in WWW Wednesday! May has been both relaxing and busy so far. I’m back home and I spent the first 2 weeks be lazy at home. Now, I’m back at my summer job, working full time. Thankfully, it’s a relatively chill environment with lots of breaks which means lots of opportunities for reading! Without a doubt, May has been my most productive reading month this year. Fingers crossed it continues!

Also, for those of you who don’t know: WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words where you answer 3 ‘what’ questions about your reading.

What are you currently reading?

the living god cover

This COVER is so PRETTY. Between the cover and the fact that one of the protagonists is essentially a vessel for a god, I was sold on this book! I got an eARC from Netgalley and the book MIGHT have released yesterday (whoops), so I’m hoping to finish & review it soon. At the moment I’m only 10% in and it’s kinda of melodramatic but the magic is intriguing, so fingers crossed it improves throughout the book!

What did you recently finish reading?

Dragon Pearl– Look at me, reading a middle grade book! This book was the May read for the Dragons & Tea Book Club. I got a late start so I didn’t participate in the discussions as much as I wanted to, but the book was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to!

An Illusion of Thieves– Another eARC from Netgally that I mostly requested because of the pretty cover. This book was a…very meh read for me. The beginning was slow, the ending was cheesy, and I was uncomfortable with the sibling dynamic at the beginning. Full review to come this weekend! (Lol, hopefully)

What do you think you’ll read next?

Honestly, I’m kinda at a loss for what I want to read next. I don’t think I’m slumping (yet), but there are so many books that I want to read that I don’t know how to pick?!?!? Do I read Wonder Woman: Warbringer, a book I’ve been borrowing from my aunt for over a year? Rosemary & Rue by Seanan McGuire (I’ve never read anything by her and I want to change that!)? A Million Junes by Emily Henry, a book already sitting on my shelf? Or Green Rider by Kristen Britain, another book on my shelf? I have no clue!

What are you currently reading? Discover any new favorites? Anyone else also horrible about reviewing ARCs on time?
PLEASE help me decide what to read next!!

And if you made a WWW Wednesday post this week, feel free to link it up in the comments below, I would love to read them!

WWW Wednesday: April 17th, 2019

WWW Wednesday

Welp, I totally meant to not rush writing this post, but then my advisor emailed me earlier today and told me my final project was due Wednesday (today) instead of Friday like I originally thought (and then didn’t respond to my inquiry about the change). So needless to say, I spent all evening compiling the document with my final project, which is the current draft of my WIP, which doesn’t sound like it would be hard to gather, but it was rough to compile because I had a lot of half-written scenes I wanted to include. 😬

Update: As I started to write this intro, I realized I forgot to include a scene in my project, so I had to go resend the email, and then go deal with laundry, and ahhhhh, I should go to sleep but I love blogging so… I guess I’m gonna stay up and finish this post.

Also, for those of you who don’t know: WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words where you answer 3 ‘what’ questions about your reading.

What are you currently reading?

  • The Witchwood Crown– Yikes, I started this book over a month ago. In my defense, it’s really long and has tiny font. There are soooo many characters, but I have a couple favorites, and I’m curious to see how things go for them, so I’ll hopefully finish up this book soon.
  • Myths & Mortals– I’ve really been failing at reviewing ARCs before their release day, and this book is no exception. Like I said above though, I’ve been working a lot on my final project recently, so I guess I can cut myself some slack.

What have you recently finished?


My current roommate introduced me to the Batgirl graphic novels by Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart & Babs Tarr and they’re a lot of fun! This second volume was definitely weaker than the first one though. There was no overarching arc, the artists kept weirdly changing, and Dick Grayson’s portrayal didn’t seem very consistent. Still, I hope to pick up the third volume soon.

What do you think you’ll read next?

Hmm, I’m not quite sure what I’ll pick up next, but it will probably be one of these three! Lol, I’m probably going to end up reading a lot of graphic novels this month, well, at least a lot for me!

What are you currently reading? If you’re in school, are you also working on big projects now? Anyone else also horrible about reviewing ARCs on time?

If you made a WWW Wednesday post this week, feel free to link it up in the comments below, I would love to read them!

March Wrap-Up: My Anticipated Releases Disappointed Me

monthly wrap up

Yikes, this was rough month of reading for me, both in terms of quantity and quality. I read two of my most anticipated reads for 2019 and they were BOTH major disappointments. Fingers crossed the rest of my anticipated reads don’t also do this to me…

Also wow, how is it already April? I only have one month left in NYC before my program ends! I still feel like there’s so much that I still need to do here! So many tourist attractions I still haven’t seen…aka like all of them. AND THEN there’s my final project. Luckily, my prof is pretty chill, but I only have a week and half to finish drafting  and then clean up the pages, eep.

Okay, I need to stop using these intros as an excuse to stress about life; let’s look at what I read in March!


1. Bloodleaf by Crystal Smith

Rating: 2.5 stars

Eeek, I had high expectations for this Goose Girl retelling and it did not reach them (nor was it anywhere close). It read like a middle draft, and ahhh, the cliches…
You can see my full thoughts here.

2. Grace After Henry by Eithne Shortall

Rating: 3.5 stars

This book was such a nice palette cleanser (besides this book, I’ve literally only read fantasy books this year!). Though Grace annoyed me at times, the book was built upon such intriguing premises, and wow, now I miss Henry too.
Review to come soon! (hopefully)

3. Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan

Rating: 2.25 stars

AHHHH, this book was another disappointment! It literally had SO MANY AMAZING CONCEPTS, but the plot and characters were so weak and aggravating. WHYYY
You can read my full review here.


Okay, not too bad of a mix, right? I mean they all have some sort of fantastical element to them, but at least they’re not all high fantasy like the rest of the books I’ve read so far this year!

I also need to finish The Witchwood Crown, which I started in the middle of March. It’s such a beast; I did not realize what I was getting myself into.

LOL, as I was typing this blog post out, I paused and then ended up reading the entirety of Batgirl, Vol. 2 before returning to finish this post. 😅


  • Only took me like 2 months, but I finally visited Central Park! It was so nice to see trees and plants and all the alive things! I miss nature here in NYC.
  • I met Tad Williams through my internship! He’s a big name in high fantasy (I’m so ashamed to say I didn’t realize this at first; I’m such a fake fantasy booknerd) and apparently inspired a lot of other high fantasy writers, as in George R.R. Martin, Christopher Paolini, and Patrick Rothfuss!
  • I went to a couple of events as part of the NYC Teen Author Festival at the end of March! There were a lot of author names that I recognized, but none that I had actually read (a sign that I need to read more YA, not that I need the excuse). Nonetheless, I love hearing authors speak about their work–it’s so inspiring!
    • Lowkey mad though because at one of the events an author and her pals were giving away ARCs and one of them WALKED RIGHT PAST ME AND DIDN’T GIVE ME ONE! Like, I know I’m an awkward child, but I want ARCs too!
  • I did NOT work on my project as much as I should have, whoops.
    • Now that’s it’s April and that I’m participating in Camp NaNo, I’m (sort of) getting my butt in gear…fingers crossed I don’t crash and burn.
  • I started applying to summer internships, which was such a stressful process of updating my resume and tackling cover letters
  • I’m stilling attending the writing groups that I joined in February and I’m loving them!
    • I’m actually being workshopped at one of them on Tuesday and yikes, am I nervous. Well, if they judge me, I don’t ever have to return again… 😬
  • My writing buddy and I attempted to go pączki hunting the weekend before Fat Tuesday (but we only found them at one Polish bakery!?!)

Two girls holding paczkis

How was your March? Are you enjoying your anticipated releases? (Please let me know about releases that live up to the hype!)
Are you participating in Camp NaNo in April?

If you did a wrap-up post, feel free to link it in the comments; I would love to read it!